One of Fifteen

Communities are a place where we feel at home. As children we would wonder about our neighborhood saying hi to our neighbors and friends. Everyone knows each other in a close knit community and they help out in any way that they can. Today, if a house or garage catches on fire, we create go-fund me accounts or collect money to try and help the family recover from losing their possessions. If someone in our community has a child, gets married or loses a loved one, we send cards, flowers or gifts to that individual to let them know that we are thinking of them. 

Giving back to the community is one of the greatest gifts a company can do. Each company begins with  a community surrounding it and helping it to grow. It is this idea of “community” that Cheer Crates is striving to create within their business and their clients. Cheer Crates sponsors a program where every 15 boxes bought, a Cheer Crates is  donated to a Senior living in either an assisted living facility or at home. Cheer Crates mission is to help make sure that no senior ever feels as though they are unloved or unwanted and through this program we hope to accomplish this mission. Cheer Crates knows about the importance of a community and they understand how important a community is in the lives of people in today’s society.

Cheer Crates wanted to take this idea of community and help to spread it across the US which is why they started the 15 Boxes program. This program helps to create a community among Cheer Crates customers by giving them the opportunity to help contribute to sending a Cheer Crates boxes to someone in need. Because everyone deserves to have a smile brought to their face, and that is something that Cheer Crates and its customers are delivering, one box at a time.

Know someone who could use a free Cheer Crates gift? Send us an email at, Be sure to include the individuals name, address and why you think they deserve to be given Cheer Crates next free box* 

* Terms and conditions apply, individuals must be willing to share some information about themselves, any medical needs that they have, and their favorite hobbies. Individual must also sign a waiver allowing us to share their story on our blog. Not all who apply will receive a Cheer Crates. Individual are randomly selected, selected individuals will receive an email with the tracking number and image of the box we are sending. Terms and Conditions Apply 

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