Memories & Coloring Books

As child I would love to sit around and color for hours and hours, listening to music, or being outside in the sun. It really didn’t matter as long as I had my princess, wild animals or favorite cartoon coloring book. Coloring books were a way for me to get lost in my imagination without having to know how to read. 

Today, Adult coloring books are everywhere, some people thought that they would be a phase, and maybe they are, but in my house they defiantly aren’t. They have coloring books that are so intricate in detail that it takes a fine point pen or pencil to be able to color them. They make ones that are buildings, animals, words and even your favorite tv shows. Each of these coloring books are a way for adults to de-stress to relax and go off into their own world without having to really do much. According to an article written by Readers Digest, coloring books today also are a great way for adults to take a break from their technologies and rest their eyes.

I think that one of the main reasons that Adult coloring books are still around, and coloring books in general, is that it does help us to relax, no matter our age. For children, coloring with a crayon or marker allows them to have a break from their fast paced world filled with technology. For adults, the same thought applies, however there is also something more then just taking a break. For adults, coloring allows them to relive their childhood, when their lives were simple and care free, when sitting down and coloring allowed them to escape into a world of their own, just for a little while. 

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